Attractions of Lima

Lima is the capital of Peru and this sprawling metropolis is also said to be the second-driest capital after Cairo. If you want to get delighted, climb with the motion of chaos that have high rise architectural built which are close to pre-Columbian temples noisy and crowded roads. It is now becoming one of the explored tourist destinations as it holds numerous attractions in it.

When it comes to enter the city, it is a bit expensive comparatively to others but this doesn’t mean that you have to pay at every step to explore the beauty of this city. The list below contains some of the best places in Lima where you can knock and explore free of cost.

1.    Parque Kennedy

Parque Kennedy is said to be one of the most beautiful parks of Lima. It is the primary home of cats and these resident cats are the true attraction of this park. Government organizes theatre plays, dance shows and music concert for the locals as well as for the tourists and one can enjoy all this without paying any fee.

2.    Presidential Palace

Presidential palace is the official residence of the President of Peru and it is open every Saturday morning for the visitors. You don’t have to pay to enter this place! Yes, your read it correct that you can roam and explore and get lost in the royalty of the allowed area of the palace free. The guards changing ceremony is held at 1pm daily and this ceremony makes the most appealing part of the visit.

3.    Museums

There are plenty of museums in Lima and government has made the entry free for the locals and visitors. Museo numismatico, afro-Peruvian museum and museo de la nacion are the opened for every throughout the year.

4.    Casa de Osambela

The tallest building of Lima is casa de osambela. This building was originally built for a purpose by the owner to spy the ships and yacht or merchant navy but now its open for the visitor. You can explore and witness the beauty of the city with an incredible view from the terrace.

5.    Costa Verde Beeches

The top most attraction of Lima is the Costa verde beeches. It is connected to four districts by its coast line. If you plan to visit to costa verde beeches than don’t worry about money as its completely free to visit there. It is overly crowded during the summer season, different activities like water surfing and various water activities are there for the entertainment.

Who Should You Travel With If You Are a Female?

If you are a female who loves to travel alone, you are definitely not alone. When it comes to solo travel, it is definitely not for everyone. This is especially true if you are a first-timer, which basically means that you are not really an experienced traveler. That being said, if you are a female traveler, it is very important for you to think about who you want to travel the world with. Is it your spouse, your friend, or your sibling? However, if you are a little bit more experienced when it comes to traveling the world, and if you are feeling brave, going on a solo trip could be a very liberating experience for you. Just think about it – you can do whatever you want, whenever you want, and you can go back home whenever you feel like it! Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

And on top of that, when you actually decide to come back home, it is pretty much safe to say that you will be one of those individuals who are full of confidence – ones that can easily make new friends wherever they go. Just make sure to take a little bit of extra care when it comes to your trip planning process, okay? After all, you want to be stay as safe as possible throughout the entire trip, don’t you? Of course you do! Also, you shouldn’t set your sights too high, because you might end up being disappointed. There are some things that you can do when traveling with a friend – things that you should never do when traveling alone!

Traveling With a Friend

When done the right way, traveling with a friend can be an amazing experience. It should be in your best interest to travel with someone you can both laugh and cry with. Simply put, you should travel someone you love and care about. However, don’t expect to do every single thing together once you hit the road with your friend, because having a little bit of time to do your own thing is very important.

Traveling With Your Spouse

If you are a happily married woman, traveling with your spouse is one of the best things that you could ever do in life. Having someone by your side when you see a beautiful sunset over the mountains is an amazing feeling. And once you return from your trip, you will have some beautiful memories to talk about.